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    Cristales to Grey Haven


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    Cristales to Grey Haven Empty Cristales to Grey Haven

    Post  MrCristales on Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:05 am

    To the Grey Haven,
    In response and to answer your previous communique, I am providing you a comprehensive list of stipulations previously set by the United Providence. The list is as follows.
    1) Placement of embargoes limiting foreign imports and prohibiting exportation of domestics goods.
    2) Prohibition of any importation or exportation of any goods that would be essential to a wartime effort.
    3) Placement of sanctions on and investigation of Mercia's nuclear program.
    4) Limits on Mercia's military, such that prevent any aggressive military action, but allow for sufficient defense of their nation.
    5) Placement of a "No-Fly" zone over both Mercia and the Northern Territory.
    The U.P. and I both give you our thanks for promoting peace in the world and stabilizing the northern regions.
    With Great Appreciation,
    President Cristales

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