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    To the International Community Empty To the International Community

    Post  MrCristales on Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:18 pm

    Grey Haven again I urge that sanctions and embargos are placed upon Mercia. And again I warn that if these stipulations are not met the United Providence will cut our funding and will renounce our membership.

    Mercia, again if you do not come to compromise with Istari harsh action will be taken. Eliminate war as an option for your nation. Numenor is prepared and willing to fully support its allies to stabilize the region.

    Istari, I understand that the international community has misunderstood and misconstrued your intentions in your speech, with regards to the control of the Northern Territory. I would advise that your nation renounce the statement in question and make clear that Istari is not willing to give up any land. Numenor is prepared and willing to provide extensive logistical support if needed and is also prepared to assist in defensive measures as well if the need arises.

    RIM, because of recent events the United Providence will be closely scrutinizing your organizations activities. Be wary of any actions you take that may misconstrued by us, or any other nation or group.
    To the international community, I hope that the stipulations set in this communiqué are met in a timely manner. Numenor is prepared to act in full strength and full force if any or all of you do not.

    President Cristales

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