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    Gonzalez to Mercia Communique day 6


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    Gonzalez to Mercia Communique day 6 Empty Gonzalez to Mercia Communique day 6

    Post  MrGonzalez on Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:28 am

    Dear Mercia,
    I as the Vice President of Numenor, am concerned about the bombing that recently occured in the residential district of Istari. I am aware that there were interrogations and there were no charges, i was also concerned as to why this is. Also as to why the unnamed man claimed to be a former soldier from the Mercian Republic Guard. Putting that aside, I heard you were willing to come up with another way of solving your conflicts with Istari other than war. i think it would be best if you were to proceed with this.
    Mr. Gonzalez

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