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    Istari Speech (MsJackson, JohnnyS, MsScales, MsBricky)


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    Istari Speech (MsJackson, JohnnyS, MsScales, MsBricky)

    Post  MsJackson on Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:09 pm

    To our fellow nations, we are here today to dicsucc the actions and goals of each nation. The nation of Istari has made previous actions that some nations in this room disagree with. Istari believes that we are all brought here together to discuss the problems that we all need to fix in order to make the world more peaceful. First off, I the Prime Minister of Istari would like to inform all of you of our goals as a nation. Our first goal is to hold on to the Northern Territory weather it be by peaceful or violent means. We would rather not resort to war or offensive strikes to any other nation but they are not completely out of the question. Our second goal is to keep an open mind and help to create a Rhunian state. Once again, we are reluctant to give up any partof our land without extreame incentives. We must protect our home turf. We are aware that these goals might anger some of you, especially Mercia, but we are determined to fully achieve these goals. We would like your cooperation in the effort to keep our world peaceful.

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    Re: Istari Speech (MsJackson, JohnnyS, MsScales, MsBricky)

    Post  MrStaskiewicz on Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:33 pm

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